You know you need a social media presence, but you sometimes feel it’s a waste of time. You’ve tried it for awhile and so far you have failed to see any return on investment. We help companies stop the guesswork and get the results they’re looking for. By focusing on the strategy first and then on creating content that engages your audience.


Social Media Strategy

An in-depth plan for reaching your target customer, and how your brand will be represented online.

Social Media Management

Peace of mind that your social media accounts are active, growing and being managed.

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising increases organic reach, offering faster growth and higher results to your social media.

Why Choose Us


From developing a social media strategy to tracking and reporting on analytics, we implement a process for your social media that removes the stress from your team, and works to bring in results and new business.

1 Kickoff Questionnaire

We begin each client relationship with a kickoff questionnaire. The questionnaire provides us with an inside look into your business including brand voice, personality, and target audience.

2 Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy provides your company with an in-depth plan of reaching and connecting with your target audience on any social network. Each strategy report contains a 6 of 12 month content plan.

3 Monthly Content Calendars

Upon completion of the social media strategy, we roll into the monthly management of your social media by creating monthly content calendars that map out the upcoming month’s posts.

4 Monthly Posting & Management

Based on the posting schedule laid out in the strategy document and the content calendar for the upcoming month, we create, write and post the social media posts to each designated social platform.

5 Social Media Paid Advertising

We partner social media paid advertising with organic posting to help increase the overall reach of your social media accounts and drive direct leads to your website.

6 Monthly Analytics

We don’t post sporadically on your social media, we strategically post with a purpose. Part of this purpose is followed up with monthly analytics showing the growth and results of your social media investment.


Katie Smith


Sophie Muller

Social Media Manager

Breanna Baker

Digital Marketing Specialist

Doug Hollett

Social Media Assistant

Anita Sanchez

Graphic Designer

Daniel Smith

Managing Partner



Smith Social did exactly what I needed within the time promised and did a great job. Very happy to have found them!

David Levy

Director of Marketing
We began partnering with Smith Social in 2019. We had a small presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The Smith Social team have significantly increased our presence on these platforms; as well as adding LinkedIn to our social media mix. Together, we work with their team to develop our monthly social media strategies. With Smith Social managing our platforms, we are assured that our social media presence is active, managed and growing. They have taken the time to get to know our brand and have truly become an extension of our team.
Lonna Willer-Smith

Lonna Willer-Smith

Marketing Director
We hired Smith Social as our Social Media Partner to continue our accelerated growth and execute our social media marketing strategy. The role included a mix of social media, marketing analytics, optimization, brand development and strategy, and B2B advertising knowledge.

Berit Henrickson

Digital Content Writer
Smith Social is who I turn to when I want to talk social media. Their analysis for Mission Network News was fantastic, and really helped take our Facebook page to the next level!

Katey Hearth

Associate Producer
Working with Smith Social has been a great experience! Their depth of knowledge and understanding of how to market a brand has set a new trajectory for my business (Battle Brothers Shaving Co.). I'm really happy to be working with Smith Social, I give them the highest of recommendations!
Katie is the best social media strategist I know. She takes the time to first understand a client’s brand and then she maps out a strategy designed to work for them. Katie possesses a rare combination of smart, strategic thinking and creative content execution, which means she doesn’t just deliver engaging content—she does it with an eye for ROI. If you’re looking for someone who knows the ins-and-outs of social media management, but who also understands branding and marketing strategy, Smith Social is the perfect choice.
I am grateful for the work Katie and her team did to help us capture our story and empower us to tell it more efficiently and effectively at Escape Ministries. She took the time to listen to our story and helped us create and craft our message and branding so that it is clear, concise and compelling. From a new logo design to practical and powerful marketing strategies to an increased and impactful social media presence, Smith Social was there every step of the way.

Todd Krygsheld

Executive Director

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