From developing a social media strategy to tracking and reporting on analytics, we implement a process for your social media that removes the stress from your team, and works to bring in results and new business.

1 Kickoff Questionnaire

We begin each client relationship with a kickoff questionnaire. The questionnaire provides us with an inside look into your business including brand voice, personality, and target audience.

2 Strategy with 6-12 month plan

A social media strategy provides your company with an in-depth plan of reaching and connecting with your target audience on any social network. Each strategy report contains a 6 of 12 month content plan.

3 Content Calendar/s

Upon completion of the social media strategy, we roll into the monthly management of your social media by creating monthly content calendars that map out the upcoming month’s posts.

4 Posting Monthly Management

Based on the posting schedule laid out in the strategy document and the content calendar for the upcoming month, we create, write and post the social media posts to each designated social platform.

5 Monthly Social Media Ads

We partner social media paid advertising with organic posting to help increase the overall reach of your social media accounts and drive direct leads to your website.

6 Monthly Analytics

We don’t post sporadically on your social media, we strategically post with a purpose. Part of this purpose is followed up with monthly analytics showing the growth and results of your social media investment.

We utilize the best and most efficient tools to manage social media posting, project communication, the sharing of information, and content development for our clients.

At Smith Social we use Basecamp, Sprout SocialGoogle Drive and Adobe Creative Cloud. By working with us, you acquire access to our project management and social media tools at no additional cost to you!

How we work

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