We founded Smith Social when we realized companies were not doing social media correctly. Instead of setting goals and working to accomplish them, we were seeing companies invest large amounts of money in guessing the process and then being disappointed in the results. We exist to flip the chaos of social media on its head and provide a strategic and simple way to manage your social media on a month-to-month basis. That way your company is never guessing what to post, your analytics and return on investment are being tracked, and you can easily shift directions when something isn’t working.

Our mission is to do smarter social media. We go beyond the ‘likes’ and followers. Smarter social media uses target research, brand voice, content strategy and content development to build an online reputation, increase brand awareness and bring in new business leads. We manage the posting of hundreds of social media posts monthly, each one custom and targeted for each client. Partnered with thousands of dollars in monthly paid advertising working to drive each client’s key performance indicators.

Smith Social was founded in 2015 and serves client’s social media around the world. We are based in Holland, Michigan.