1.7 trillion reasons your business

New moms are one of the most lucrative markets in the world—and moms in general are the largest demographic group online today. In 2016, the online mommy market reached over $1.7 trillion in spending. Yes, TRILLION!

This means many brands that aren’t spending the time to understand and actively court this market online are likely leaving money on the table.

Who are millennial moms?

Women today are working more, starting families later, traveling more often and sometimes living in cities far away from their families. Many young moms are no longer able to rely on their mothers, grandmothers, neighbors and community for help. As a result, they’re learning to adapt with changing times as they raise their children. Their new source of support? The Internet.

According to Maria Bailey and Bonnie Ulman, authors of Trillion-Dollar Moms: Marketing to a new generation of mothers, “Eighty-eight percent of moms rely on the Internet for their parental guidance, advice, and ideas for raising children…If they face a challenge or need product information or validation, they go to the Internet.”

This means moms have found their place online, and as a result, they’re launching their own blogs, websites, Facebook support groups, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards and YouTube channels. They’re literally flooding the Internet with their ideas, support, knowledge, experience and wit.

What are they looking for?

 So why are moms flocking to digital and social media platforms more than any other demographic? There are 3 basic reasons:

  1. Support & Community
    This is a time of transition in which many mothers sometimes feel isolated and alone, especially if they find themselves without family nearby or a local support community. Online communities help facilitate an atmosphere in which new moms can engage with other moms and ask questions, exchange information, experiences and even frustrations. The Internet offers them a way to connect 24/7 with others amidst their busy lifestyle. And it has become a means in which they’re able to find community and support.
  2. Identity
    When a female discovers she’s pregnant, she begins the greatest transition of her life. In the process of becoming a new mom, her sense of identity changes. It’s a time of great adjustment, and in the midst of inevitable insecurities around parenting, she begins to search for information and resources to help along her journey. Getting involved in online virtual communities, social media sites and blogs allows her to share her new life, fears and failures with others. It’s an authentic space that allows her to learn and grow and identify with other moms around the world.
  3. Social change
    Not only is the online mommy market an economic powerhouse, it’s also a driving force in social change. Moms are using digital media to improve the status of women, amplify their visibility, and advocate for change, according to FW Song, author of the article The Serious Business of Mommy Bloggers. Social media and blogs have given moms a powerful voice in our culture and they’re becoming strong advocates for change with enormous followings.

Bottom line: you can’t afford to ignore the online mommy market

This market offers brands today the perfect opportunity to connect with moms who not only might need, want or enjoy their products and services, but also be willing to use their influence and connections to help promote them. Smart companies will look for ways to learn more about and leverage the powerful influence this market wields. Whether you’re looking to sell to or service new moms, the best way to reach them is where they are at. And they are online.