Case Study: How we Doubled our Client’s Website Traffic during a Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit the United States in March of 2020, it forced companies to rethink their digital marketing messages. The unknown of the pandemic and how the economy would respond was scary for brands and caused many companies to hold or press pause on their marketing campaigns. Despite the unknown, companies were leaving marketing opportunities on the table. 

Morgan & Associates is a CPA and advisory firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with locations throughout the state. Their primary focus is to support business owners with expert tax, accounting, and advisory services. They provide regular analysis and insight to business owners to help them make smart business decisions throughout the year. 

Katie L Smith & Company began working with Morgan & Associates at the beginning of 2019 to increase awareness of Morgan & Associates in Michigan and drive potential leads to their website. The social media strategy was to reach successful entrepreneurs and business owners through the sharing of tax news and business-related information that was directly applicable (and exclusive) to the financial well-being of entrepreneurs/business owners through blogs and social media posts. The process would be to build trust with the target audience by first educating about current market opportunities and pitfalls.


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Establishing a social media strategy upfront (a year ago) for Morgan & Associates allowed for an immediate shift in their marketing strategy and messaging when COVID-19 made its presence in the US economy. Morgan & Associates was able to use the same social media strategy but shift it to address the current market opportunities and pitfalls that COVID-19 brought with it. We were able to reach entrepreneurs and business owners right where they were, experiencing fear, the unknown, and questions that surrounded COVID-19. We immediately started posting on topics such as: staying safe during COVID-19, what rental owners should do during COVID-19, SBA loans, sick credits, CARES ACT updates, layoffs, PPP, loan forgiveness, etc. 

While other companies were hitting pause on their social media and marketing campaigns, Morgan & Associates quickly pivoted and provided the necessary information to their target audience during an unprecedented time, amplifying their trust-building strategy. The pivot proved successful. Morgan & Associates’ website traffic immediately increased, doubling in months of March and April. 



Without a social media strategy and management process in place, it becomes difficult for a company to successfully pivot in time for a natural disaster, environment change, or an industry shift. Before COVID-19, Morgan & Associates moved their marketing from a guessing strategy into a more calculated environment, setting themselves up to be ready when their environment changed.