How to Establish an Engagement Strategy

What is Social Media Engagement?

Think about social media engagement as all of the interactions you have with your followers, across all platforms. It’s LinkedIn and Facebook shares, Instagram likes and Twitter retweets all rolled into one.

Any chance you have to engage with your followers — a reply, a share or a like is a potential interaction that you can increase trust and grow your brand.

Consumers who trust you and your content will eventually become customers. 

Customers like to share recommendations to others — so they’ll eventually become ambassadors for your brand. 

This kind of organic sharing is the best possible scenario for social media engagement.

How to Engage on Social Media

Like most technology, approaches to social media are cyclical and they change rapidly. 

Today, bots are out.

Many social networks have set parameters around engagement, which limits possible bot actions. Social networks can now close your account if you’re caught using bots.

Authentic engagement is in.

You need to spend the time to like, comment and share other content. Or, if you’re not doing it yourself, you need to hire a social media agency to do it. No matter what social media platform(s) best fit your business, you need to be responsive.

Our top three recommendations to clients are: 

  • Build relationships
  • Be casual 
  • And be friendly.

If you need help establishing a voice on a social media platform, let us know

What’s included in a social media engagement strategy

Mapping out how your business will engage on social media is crucial to the success of reaching your target customers online. A social media engagement strategy will outline who and how you plan to interact. 

A few important sections we include in our engagement strategies are:

  1. Accounts of industry leaders
  2. Accounts with the same or similar target audiences 
  3. Industry-related hashtags
  4. Predetermined responses for different scenarios


At Smith Social, we always start with a social media strategy to plan how to reach your target customer. An engagement strategy is just one section of the plan. 

If you’re looking to increase your reach on social media, it might be time to consider implementing an engagement strategy. Don’t have time? Ask our team to help! Get started today by reaching out to us.


Facebook Creator Studio

Using Facebook’s Creator Studio for Your Team

If you’ve been frustrated with the logistics of posting to Instagram, then you’re in luck!

Facebook just introduced their new Creator Studio scheduling tool that allows for any Facebook user to publish and manage the postings to any Facebook Business Page, as well as direct scheduling to any Business Instagram Account all in one scheduling interface. Yes, Creator Studio has come to redefine the ‘mobile only’ posting rule of Instagram! (insert cheers)

The current way you’ve been scheduling on your Facebook page will be moved (if it hasn’t already) over to Creator Studio. In Creator Studio you will have all the same options as before to create and schedule your Facebook posts. Including an option to Go Live.

Under the Instagram posting section, the interface will be similar to that of Facebook but with Instagram post specific details (including location tagging). Creator Studio is currently providing the scheduling options for images and videos to your Instagram feed as well as the scheduling of IGTV videos. However, the scheduling of InstaStories is not included at this time.

Setting it Up

To get started with Creator Studio, visit https://facebook.com/creatorstudio and click ‘Log in with Facebook’. Once connected to your personal Facebook login, it will automatically pull in the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts you are currently admin of.

How to Use

Here is a quick overview on how to use Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram scheduling.



The Benefits

  1. Creator Studio allows for one central scheduling interface for you entire team to be able to manage your Facebook and Instagram posts. Allowing you to view when others have scheduled posts out.
  2. Your team will access Creator Studio through their own personal Facebook login. No more sharing passwords.
  3. Anyone with admin access to your Facebook Business Page will have access to the Facebook page in Creator Studio. However, each admin’s available features in Creator Studio is dependent on their admin role (i.e. Admin, Editor, Moderator, etc.) on the Facebook page.
  4. When your Instagram business account is connected to a Facebook Business Page, it will automatically be pulled into Creator Studio.
  5. Anyone with admin access to you Facebook Business Page will have access to the Instagram account in Creator Studio. Again, features will be dependent on admin’s role.
  6. You can manage all admin access levels in your Facebook Business Manager.
  7.  And, Creator Studio is FREE!!